About Company

This app is an equal opportunity, neutral platform that provides you with a social media podium to air your thoughts & opinions. This app is an opinion hub and aggregating platform where you can meet like-minded people & exchange viewpoints and start a dialogue with a global audience.

Challenges Faced

  • The customer wanted to host their application in a single platform and wanted to improve their load time and performance at a minimal cost..
  • They needed to improve their application security as well.
  • Ease of manageability and administration.
  • Scalability requirements to accommodate future growth and security improvements.

Our Approach

  • We did an expert analysis of the client’s business requirements before recommending AWS for the web app.
  • Right sized and provisioned optimal resources based on workloads.
  • We monitored the cloud infrastructure using CloudWatch.
  • We considered EC2 instances for the web app and RDS for database servers and we achieved scalability of application servers using autoscaling.
  • AWS CI/CD services provide automated build, test, and deployment of applications.
  • Mediaconvert service will provide Realtime conversion of videos and CloudFront caches the contents
  • Helped the client opt for ACM certificates for end-to-end encryption and cost benefits.
  • We used CloudFront to cache objects to reduce the load on the Application Load Balancer and used application load balancer was used for securing web API endpoints in EC2.


  • Faster and secure access and increased performance
  • Improved the load time and response time of the application.
  • Provided the client with greater control and flexibility.
  • Made it possible for the client to easily scale up/scale down as per business needs.
  • Cloud-based development ensured zero investment in hardware and its maintenance.