Why Do You Need Data Security?

The data your company generates, assimilates, stores, and exchanges is doubtlessly an invaluable asset. In today’s highly competitive world, companies relying heavily on data to even base their most minor of decisions, even a little illicit alteration to it can have far-reaching consequences. With the prodigious sum of value that comes associated with data, it's no wonder hackers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to swindle you out of your data. Data loss means way more than just devastating financial loss for your business. With your data in the wrong hands, you stand to have your brand reputation tarnished. Consumers will quickly be out of confidence for you, and you'll be insolvent before you know it. Even the thought of it is scary, we understand this and that is why we offer best-in-class data security services that ensure complete and total protection of your valuable information.

What We Do?

Bearing in mind the importance and value of data, when securing it, only one layer of protection is never enough to protect the highly significant assets. It's always the prudent approach to add as many locks and layers to defend your data as possible. There are several ways to put restrictions on access to your sensitive information. With Authentication or Authorization, you can assure that only someone who's supposed to use the data has access to it. Authentication systems only allow access if the user’s credentials match those stored in your database. There's discretionary access control which allows access based on identity and there's role-based access control which only allows users access to specific information based on their role in an organization. There's also mandatory access reserved for administrators which allows access to all information. The backups & recovery approach prepares you in event of a system failure or Data Breach. The Encryption methodology makes data unreadable to unauthorized people. There are also techniques like Data Masking and Tokenization that are widely used.

Neural Networks specializes in protecting your data from all kinds of threats be it unintentional leakage or intentional internal or external full-blown cyberattack. We implement multiple levels of security, supported by leading and proven data protection and encryption technologies and techniques from world-renowned security companies. Our experts are enriched with years of specialized experience in endpoint security, Multi-layered protection, and data leakage prevention.