Cybersecurity teams are often overwhelmed with the responsibility of protecting and defending a company's digital assets and productivity tools against increasingly sophisticated and complex security threats like Trojans, Spams, Phishing Attacks, Viruses, Spyware, Infected files, and Unapproved content. They are often expected to work within the budget and with limited resources. To top it off if they have to manage different security systems, each of which performs a distinct action like virus protection, web content filtering, and spam filtering and many more, this makes their job become all the more difficult. Having to manage different systems would make their responsibility even complex and costly.

Unified Threat Management, often abbreviated as UTM, is an all-inclusive approach to IT security comprising of all the necessary cybersecurity features and resources. It usually offers services such as anti-spyware, intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, anti-spam, data loss prevention, content filtering, and network firewalling among others at a single point on the network. One of the biggest plus points of UTM is that it allows business administrators to manage a broad variety of security operations with a single management console. All UTM offers security tools packed in one suite which is easy to implement and understand. UTM can be easily and effectively configured by someone with good cybersecurity experience.

With a new security breach hitting the headline every other day, investment in the IT assets of your organization is always a wise and prudent decision. Many small businesses that might not be able to afford different security tools for different security issues can find an effective and affordable solution in UTM, where you get everything you need to protect your digital workspace in one place. You might not be able to afford a dedicated IT team of your own, but you can certainly our cost-effective UTM solutions that are proven to effectively take care of all your cybersecurity needs and keep hackers at the bay.

Neural Networks offers world class UTM solutions to our esteemed customers. Your UTM appliances will be configured by certified engineers.