Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Azure service that provides secure and zero-infrastructure backup solutions for all Azure managed data assets.

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, one-click backup solution that is scalable based on your backup storage needs. The centralised management interface makes it easy to define backup policies and protect a wide range of enterprise workloads, including Azure Virtual Machines, SQL and SAP databases and Azure file shares.


  • Manage and monitor your entire back-up estate from a central console with Back-up centre.
  • Stay compliant by enforcing back-ups at scale with Azure Policy.
  • Audit and analyse back-up data using the historical data and patterns shown in Back-up reports.
  • Use APIs, PowerShell, and Azure CLI to automate back-up policy and security configurations.
  • Export cloud back-up data to your own monitoring systems in a secure and performant manner.


  • Grant fine-grained access to users for specific back-up operations using role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Prevent accidental data loss by retaining back-ups for 14 days after deletion with soft delete.
  • Protect data against ransomware attacks by enabling multiple-user authentication as an additional layer of authorisation for critical operations.
  • Fully control how to protect and access your data with customer-managed keys that use 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Enable secure transfer of back-ups to Azure Back-up storage with private endpoints.
  • Ensure availability with zone- and geo-redundant storage and the ability to restore back-ups from a paired region at any time.


  • Eliminate extra costs of additional back-up infrastructure and overhead for scaling and managing storage.
  • Optimise back-up cost with patterns and insights under Back-up reports to right-size your back-up storage.
  • Send recovery points to the archive tier for significant savings in storage costs and compliance with your long-term retention needs.
  • Selectively back-up disks within an Azure Virtual Machine to customise your back-up solution and reduce storage costs.
  • Estimate precise costs with the Back-up pricing estimator.


  • Back up all your infrastructure, databases, and storage workloads with ease from a central location.
  • Get application-consistent snapshots of Azure Virtual Machines running on both Windows and Linux.
  • Protect mission-critical infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) databases such as SQL Server and SAP HANA in Azure Virtual Machines as well as Azure Database for PostgreSQL.
  • Generate agentless crash-consistent snapshots of Azure Disks.
  • Safeguard against data loss with Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage.